The other day as we strolled along our Facebook feed, we came across a post by Master Brand Coach, blogger and social media maven Jai Stone. Her comment about the contents of an article weren’t what got our attention. It was her comment about the article title and how inaccurate it was as it pertained to the story. We agree, as we absolutely loathe when, for the sake of clicks, writers find it necessary to create obnoxious, misleading, reputation-killing headlines.

Then we thought: What makes really good content? Of course, there’s more than just the headline. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when creating and curating content for your website:

  • Make sure it fulfills a need for your audience. Folks love, love, LOVE helpful information that is FREE! So give the people what they want. Over time, your website will become the go-to authority for your speciality.
  • Make sure YOUR voice is heard.
  • Don’t be too wordy.
  • Remember who you’re talking to/know your audience.
  • Choose a good, relevant photo to accompany your content. Remember, a picture says 1,000,000 words.
  • Don’t use misleading titles for the sake of clicks. Catchy, ok. Intriguing, we get it. But don’t “cry wolf”. If you do, you could hurt your reputation and brand.
  • Make it timely.
  • Don’t give your audience carpal tunnel syndrome just to get the content.
  • Make ‘em think and act.